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Disclaimer: We may not be able to clean out biological waste.

Trash Can Cleaning Services

Getting odor-free is as easy as 1-2-3…

Quick & Easy Sign-Up

Quick & Easy Sign-Up

  • Select one of our convenient Trash Can Cleaning Services package options.
  • Select your trash pick-up day.
  • Input your info. Done!
Curbside Convenience

Curbside Convenience

  • We come to to you and do our magic onsite. See below for more details.
  • No mess left behind.
Fresh Bins Returned

Fresh Bins Returned

  • To the safe location they were in before.
  • Trash Can Cleaning Services: Cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized.
  • With a fresh scent too!

Our Process

Power Bin Washer


Our Bin Washers technician will arrive at your location, the day of your trash pick up* with our full-service trash bin cleaning truck.

*Exclusions may apply


Upon verifying the bin is empty, our technician will carefully place the bin on the lifter, which will lift the bins over the truck’s hopper for the cleaning process. This ensures no wastewater escapes and contaminates the environment.


Over the hopper the real magic begins, as our 360° spinning heads blast 200° water @3500 psi of pressure, to reach every nook and cranny of the bin, eradicating all grime and build-up, while effectively killing off any festering viruses or bacteria. While over the hopper, our technician will spray the exterior of the bin with a high pressure wand mounted to the truck.


The bin is lowered steaming clean, then the technician sprays a deodorizing agent that leaves your bin with a fresh clean scent. The bins will then be returned to the safe location they were before.

Presure Bin Washer

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All in the family

Once you sign up for any of our Trash Bin Cleaning Services you are part of the Bin Washers family.

Open Phone Line

Standard office hours

Quick Response

Expect fast and reliable service timeframes

Notification System

Know when to expect services


Elvia R Pledger
Elvia R Pledger
Bin Washers were very professional and did an excellent job. I recommend them enthusiastically.
Rina Grainiman
Rina Grainiman
Very impressed with the work. Everything became clean. Very kind workers. Thank you Bin Washers for your service.
Kelci House
Kelci House
Bin Washers got in touch with me quickly after an inquiry and were able to fit in my service the next day. My garbage cans haven’t looked this good since I purchased them and I’m thrilled with their service. Highly recommend to anyone - easy, convenient and great customer service!
שמוליק צדק
שמוליק צדק
Just got my driveway cleaned with this awesome company and it’s like brand new now They were quick and easy to deal with I recommend anyone who wants this service to contact them Thanks
University Towers Condominium
University Towers Condominium
I have worked with Bin Washers over the past year in power washing and cleaning our association's sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks, and dumpsters. This company is professional and courteous. Their equipment is new and top shelf. Their prices are very reasonable. Before you try using your little power washer for a big job, consider hiring Bin Washers. We were quite pleased with the results. Bill Didden, General Manager
Yehuda Kramer
Yehuda Kramer
Great service!! they are prompt and professional. My trash cans never smelled so great
Malka Shapira מעצבת גרפית
Malka Shapira מעצבת גרפית
This service of power washing my trash cans as well as my driveway gave me a feeling like it's a brand new can I have as well as my driveway it's just stunning Thanks so so much Highly recommended!!
Family D
Family D
I know the boss. Your in great hands!
Eliyahu Fayazi
Eliyahu Fayazi
Highly recommend. Amazing customer service!
Shamshon Pinter
Shamshon Pinter
Wow, underrated service! My wife even asked me if we got new bins after they left! They were sparkling clean, and smelled great! And amazing customer service, very easy to work with! Highly recommended!!


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